Limerick Soviet 100 Festival

Help us celebrate the centenary of a major event in Irish Working-Class History
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Our Mission & Vision

Celebrating the fighting spirit of the Limerick Working Class

At a time when the political, business and financial gurus of our nations are proving, in the most spectacular fashion, their inability to provide us with a stable, sane and rational society, it is interesting and instructive to recall the time when the workers of Limerick took control of the city and ran it so effectively.  Peoples’ needs were put before profit and real democracy flourished if only for a short while.

On the 100th anniversary of the event we have planned a comprehensive list of events which will run over the full year. The Limerick Soviet 100 Committee is a voluntary organization and we are raising funds to make our Programme of events possible.  We have already raised €500 and we estimate our financial need to be around €5,000.

Festival events

Some of the events we will be hosting:

  • Major Conference on Limerick Soviet with national and international speakers on the lessons of the Limerick Soviet for today.
  • A Showing of Ken Loach films
  • The making of a Podcast on the Limerick Soviet.
  • Public Meeting – Unfinished Revolution – chaired by Vincent Brown.
  • Limerick Writers ‘Limerick Soviet Anthology’.
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